Golfers looking to improve their game this year have a great opportunity to do so with a drill from top teacher Glenn Deck. Deck, who teaches at the beautiful Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport Beach, California, has a drill that can be done anywhere with just a football, a golf ball, and a target.

The drill

The drill is simple and straightforward. Deck explains that the three things that can happen are a turn, a hinge, and a bit of four arm roll. The key is getting the right sequence. Deck recommends starting with the laces of the football turned back, and then doing a turn and hinge. As a bonus, he suggests getting the correct amount of forearm roll.

The next step is to keep the elbow close to the body and start rolling. Deck emphasizes that the seam lines should be kept on line, as this will make golf easier. He then recommends breaking the front foot and letting the arms drop the laces.

Finally, Deck suggests continuing down the laces, pointing toward the left hip and left shoulder as the hip starts to open up. This will lead to impact. To finish the drill, Deck recommends swinging out to the target, as if throwing a ball.



This drill from Glenn Deck is a great way for golfers to improve their game. With just a football, a golf ball, and a target, golfers can practice this drill anywhere. Deck recommends visiting a PGA pro for more help, or visiting With practice, golfers can improve their game and have a great year.

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