Golf Life brings you a great Golf Drill from Top Teacher Glenn Deck.  Let’s hear from him as he shows what we can do to improve our golf game.


Today we’ve got a great drill to improve your golf game. What I like about this drill here — you don’t have to go to the range. If you’re not that guy, that’s okay. All it takes is three to five minutes at home a day, and you can have a really much improved golf game. It’s very simple, guys. It requires an alignment stick here. Lay that down as your target line. Take your setup here. Now simply pull the shaft up until your hands are about 12 inches from the clubhead.

That’s your setup position. Now, we’ve got three steps to work on here today. First step is what? Turn about a 3/4 backswing. We want to see the shaft here, guys, either in line with our target line here or possibly pulling a little bit inside. What we do not want to see is the shaft starting to what? Point outside that line. That’s going to create all kind of issues and trouble for our downswing and impact position. So, remember, first step, turn and get this shaft here so it’s pointing where?



Toward the target line or slightly inside. Yes, I know it’s not a full backswing, but it kind of gets us on the correct path. Step two — start your downswing. Go ahead and brace your front foot, let your arms drop. The shaft should be lined up toward our target line now. That’s very critical, so now I can deliver the club down to the golf ball on the correct path. If we see the shaft start to go outside here or too much inside here, guys, you’re gonna have a hard time putting the golf club on the correct path to the golf ball. And number three, once we’ve got number one and number two, go ahead and work to your impact position here.

I want to see the shaft now in line with my left arm, hips are opening, and the clubface is nice and square here. When I’ve got that, guys, I’ll hit a lot of great shots. Straight. What we don’t want to see is holding on to it with the shaft out here or try to flip too much here, hitting our side. That doesn’t work.

Remember, bring the arms down and the clubhead down let the hips opening up. You’ll be in great position right here. If you can do that drill right there, guys, so it becomes one motion… When you can achieve that, guys, you’re gonna improve your golf game. If you need more help, go see your local PGA pro. Come see me at Pelican Hill. Or go to

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