Golf can be a challenging game, and one of the most difficult shots is the bunker shot. Glenn Deck, a PGA professional at Pelican Hill, has a few tips to help golfers get out of the bunker and onto the green.

Setting up for the bunker shot

The first step in a successful bunker shot is the setup. Glenn Deck recommends lining up roughly three feet left of the flag and working your feet into the sand about a half an inch. This will open the base slightly and create balance. He also suggests that the scoring lines should point towards your left ankle.

Swinging the club

The next step is to swing the club about three feet left of the flag. Deck emphasizes that it is important to keep the shaft with some forward lean and to hit the sand and throw the sand onto the green. He warns against opening the face too much and flipping the ball with your hands, as this will result in a lack of leverage and the ball going nowhere.

Finishing the shot

The last step is to keep your arms moving through the shot and stand after the target, throwing the sand onto the green. Deck advises not to worry about the ball, as it will get out of the bunker every time if you follow these steps.



By following these steps, golfers can get out of the bunker and onto the green. For more help, Glenn Deck recommends visiting a local PGA professional or looking online.

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