Derek Nannen, of the Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides a helpful tip for golfers faced with a difficult bunker shot. According to Nannen, the key to success is choosing the right club and following through with the swing.

Choosing the Right Club

Nannen recommends using a pitching wedge instead of a sand wedge. The pitching wedge does not have the same trailing edge, or “bounce”, as the sand wedge, but the club face can be opened to create the same effect. This will allow the club to slide through the sand more easily.

The Swing

Derek Nannen advises golfers to enter the sand two inches behind the ball and to aim for the flag. He also recommends digging your feet into the sand and turning the club face open to at least 2:00 prior to taking your grip. Finally, he emphasizes the importance of following through with the swing all the way around.



By following Nannen’s advice, golfers can successfully navigate the difficult bunker shot. With the right club and a well-executed swing, golfers can make their way out of the sand trap and onto the green.

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