In this article, we will be discussing the clock drill for golf, as taught by Fred Funk. The clock drill is a technique used to manage different distances when playing pitch shots. By using the concept of a clock, golfers can easily determine the backswing position and produce the desired distance for their shots. In this video, Fred Funk demonstrates how to execute the clock drill and provides valuable tips for improving your pitch shots. So let’s dive in and learn from the expert himself!

The Concept of the Clock

Fred Funk explains that the clock drill is based on the idea of using different backswing positions to achieve varying distances with pitch shots. He compares the backswing positions to different hours on a clock. For example, taking the club back to 9:00 would produce a certain distance, while taking it back to 10:00 or 8:00 would result in different distances. The key is to practice and familiarize yourself with these different positions to effectively manage the distances of your pitch shots.

Proper Setup

Before diving into the clock drill, Fred Funk emphasizes the importance of a proper setup. He suggests placing the ball in the middle of your stance and maintaining the loft on the club that is already set in the preset. This ensures that you have the correct foundation for executing the pitch shots.

Practice and Mastery

Fred Funk emphasizes the importance of practice and mastery when it comes to the clock drill. While the concept may seem simple, it takes time and repetition to develop the muscle memory and consistency required to execute the shots accurately. By practicing different backswing positions and focusing on maintaining a smooth and controlled swing, golfers can improve their pitch shots and become more confident on the course.



The clock drill is a valuable technique for managing different distances when playing pitch shots in golf. By using the concept of a clock and practicing different backswing positions, golfers can effectively control the distance of their shots. Fred Funk’s demonstration and tips provide valuable insights for improving pitch shots and becoming more consistent in your game. So, next time you’re on the course, remember to incorporate the clock drill into your practice routine and watch your pitch shots improve!

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