Chipping is an essential skill in golf, and having the right technique can make a significant difference in your game. In this video, Jeff Ritter will discuss why your chipping technique might be killing your golf game and how to fix it.

Common Issues

One common tip in chipping is to have your weight forward. However, many golfers make the mistake of leaning their weight left while leaning their upper body back to the right. This can cause the bottom of your swing to be well behind the ball, leading to fat shots.

Jeff Ritter explains that to create solid turf contact, the bottom of your swing needs to be slightly ahead of the golf ball. As a golfer, when you lean your weight left and lean your chest back, you are positioning the bottom of your swing too far behind the ball. This can result in inconsistent shots and a lack of control.

Another common tip that Jeff Ritter addresses is to have your hands forward. While it is true that your hands should be slightly forward, many golfers take this advice too far and position their hands severely forward. This causes the leading edge of the golf club to pitch too much down to the ground, leading to divots and fat shots.



Chipping is a crucial aspect of the game of golf, and having the right technique is essential for success. Many golfers struggle with their chipping because they misunderstand or misapply common tips such as weight distribution and hand position. By understanding the proper way to incorporate these tips into your game and making the necessary adjustments, you can improve your chipping technique and elevate your golf game.

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