Dave Pelz, THE SHORT GAME GURU, gives us a great tip on how to use the bounce of the golf club effectively! The “Bounce” of a wedge is essentially the angle of the sole of the wedge when it makes contact with the ground. This allows the club to slide through the sand or the rough without digging into the ground. When you use the “Bounce” correctly you want the center of the sole interacting with the turf. What is the correct amount of bounce? It all depends on your short game and the type of shot you are hitting.

Different Amounts of Bounce

Dave Pelz explains that depending on the golfer’s short game technique and the types of shots they like to hit around the green, they may benefit from different amounts of bounce. He noted that if a golfer often leads with their hands, they may need more bounce to reduce the angle between the wedge sole and the ground. Conversely, if they like to open the face and hit live shots, they may want less bounce.



Dave Pelz has been a top teach in golf for a long time. He has notably worked with Phil Mickelson, who arguably has the best short game in the world, and Patrick Reed who took the green jacket at the Masters in 2018! Dave has worked with some very high profile athletes and these exclusive tips from him WILL help your short game. All you have to do is listen!



LEE JENZEN – 1998 U.S. Open Champion
TOM KITE – 1992 U.S. Open Champion
PHIL MICKELSON – ’04; ’06; ’10 Masters, ’05 PGA Championship, ’13 Open Championship
PATRICK REED – 2018 Masters
VIJAY SINGH – ’98;’04 PGA Championship, ’00 Masters

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