Dave Pelz, the legendary short game guru, gives us his take on how many wedges you should be carrying in your bag and why!

For 40 years, Dave Pelz has been involved in the game of golf in one way or another. Throughout his years, he has been known as the Short Game Guru, perfecting and teaching the short game side of golf. From top tour professionals like Patrick Reed to Phil Mickelson and the famous flop shot, Pelz has coached and worked with golf’s best! He also has developed his own golf school called Pelz Golf where he teaches the art of the short game and reading greens!

Pelz sees a problem with amateur golfers who carry too few wedges. He says, “It kills me when a golfer carries ten clubs to cover shots from 125 to 250 yards. But then just two more wedges for the other 125 yards into the green. That’s a 12 yard gap between clubs for the distances where they don’t hit the shot straight enough to hit the green anyway.”

Having the right clubs for the right shots is essential for a successful round of golf. Dave Pelz, a renowned golf instructor, recommends that golfers carry at least four wedges, with a selection of clubs for all shots from 125 yards into the green. If golfers carry the right number of wedges, their scores will start to go down.




  • LEE JENZEN – 1998 U.S. Open Champion
  • TOM KITE – 1992 U.S. Open Champion
  • PHIL MICKELSON – ’04; ’06; ’10 Masters, ’05 PGA Championship, ’13 Open Championship
  • PATRICK REED – 2018 Masters
  • VIJAY SINGH – ’98;’04 PGA Championship, ’00 Masters
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