In this video, renowned golf instructor Chuck Cook shares a valuable technique called the Towel Drill for improving your chipping accuracy. The drill involves using different clubs to hit shots and ensuring that they land within a specific distance from the target. Let’s dive into the details of this effective chipping exercise.

The Towel Drill Technique

Chuck Cook learned this technique from Phil Rogers, and it has proven to be a great way to practice chip shots and ensure correct technique. The goal is to hit shots with different clubs and make them fit within specific parameters. By doing so, you can assess your chipping technique and make necessary adjustments.

The Towel Drill is a simple yet effective way to check your chipping technique and ensure that you are using the correct form. By practicing this drill with every club in your bag, you can develop consistency and accuracy in your chipping game. As Chuck Cook mentions in the video, if you can master this technique like his student you will become a great chipper.



The Towel Drill is a valuable technique for improving your chipping accuracy in golf. By hitting shots with different clubs and aiming to land the ball within specific parameters, you can assess your technique and make necessary adjustments. Incorporate this drill into your practice routine to develop consistency and precision in your chipping game. Remember, mastering the Towel Drill can help you become a great chipper.

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