In this video, Chuck Cook demonstrates a technique to overcome a challenging obstacle on the golf course – a group of thick trees blocking the path to the pin. He explains that since playing a low shot underneath the trees is not an option, the only way to get there is to go over them. Chuck shares his strategy for executing this shot using a lob wedge and a cut sweep technique.

Assessing the Lie

Before attempting the shot, Chuck emphasizes the importance of assessing the lie. In this case, he determines that the lie is very good, which means he can sweep the ball. This is advantageous because it allows him to achieve the necessary loft for clearing the trees.

The Cut Sweep Technique

To execute the shot, Chuck opts for an open face and a cut sweep with his lob wedge. The open face provides additional loft, while the cut sweep generates the required speed to hit the ball high. He maintains his regular grip for this shot. He swings the club with a cut sweep motion, sweeping the ball off the ground and sending it high into the air. The ball clears the trees and lands near the pin, successfully overcoming the obstacle.



Chuck Cook’s technique of using a lob wedge and a cut sweep to go over a group of trees blocking the path to the pin is a valuable skill for golfers facing similar challenges on the course. By assessing the lie and employing the right technique, golfers can successfully navigate around obstacles and reach their target. Practice and experimentation with different clubs and techniques will help golfers develop the skills needed to overcome various obstacles on the course.

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