In this video, Brady Riggs shares a simple but effective technique for chipping with an 8 iron. Many golfers make the mistake of reaching for their sand wedge in situations where an 8 iron would be a better choice. By using the 8 iron, you can eliminate the risk of chunking or blading the ball and achieve more consistent results.

The Problem with Using a Sand Wedge

Brady starts by explaining a common scenario where golfers miss the green but have a lot of green between them and the hole. In this situation, many players instinctively grab their sand wedge, thinking they can hit a high, soft shot that lands next to the hole and stops. While this shot can be impressive when executed correctly, there are two potential problems that can arise.

First, there’s the risk of chunking the ball and leaving yourself with the same shot. Second, there’s the possibility of blading the ball across the green. These mistakes can lead to wasted strokes and frustration on the course.

Technique Adjustments for Chipping with an 8 Iron

Brady explains that the traditional chipping technique involves keeping the weight forward, hands in front, and trying to hold on or block the hands through impact. However, this technique can cause the leading edge of the club to dig into the ground and get stuck, leading to chunked shots.

To avoid this issue, Brady suggests a slight adjustment in the setup. Instead of keeping the weight well forward and the hands in front, he recommends keeping the hands more in the center and the weight only slightly forward. This change allows the club to work through the grass more easily, resulting in a cleaner strike and consistent ball flight.

Benefits of Chipping with an 8 Iron

By chipping with an 8 iron using this modified technique, you can achieve more consistent results. The ball will come out with the same trajectory and roll every time, making it easier to control. This eliminates the varying results that can occur with the traditional chipping style.



In this video, Brady Riggs emphasizes the importance of choosing the right club for chipping. Instead of automatically reaching for the sand wedge, consider using an 8 iron in situations where there is a lot of green between you and the hole. By making a slight adjustment in your setup and technique, you can simplify the shot and increase your chances of getting the ball close to the hole. Give it a try and see how it improves your chipping game.

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