V1 Golf App: AJ Avoli

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Named to the “Best Young Teachers in America” list by Golf Digest, AJ Avoli is the Director of Golf at the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, CA. Over the years, AJ Avoli has helped his students and members with golf by using the V1 Sports Golf App as well as the RoboGolfPro®.  Using these two technologies together gives AJ Avoli the tools to help golfers the way nobody else can! We were in the area, so we stopped by his academy to learn more about his process.

When people think about instruction, most the time you will think about a student and coach out on the range. With AJ, it is so much more than that. His process to helping golfers get better starts on the range and ends on the range, but what he does in-between is what sets him apart. After hitting the initial shots on the range (Captured by the V1 Golf App), Avoli brings you back into the tent to critique your swing. After talking about what needs to be fixed, he then puts you on the RoboGolfPro® to let you feel what your PERFECT golf swing should feel like. To tie all of this together, he captures another set of videos while on the RoboGolfPro® and compares both swings using the V1 Golf App. His process has helped goflers across California as well as the U.S get better and enjoy the game to the max.


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