Swing Align Training Tool

The Swing Align Trainer is a golf swing trainer that teaches the golfer alignment, rotation, connection and swing plane. It is the most versatile golf swing trainer used by teaching pros and tour pros. As simple as it is, the Swing Align can help with your full swing, short game and putting. In all three aspects of the golf game, you will be able to see and feel what you are doing wrong and correct it all while where this device. Swing Align was developed to help golfer improve their golf swing.

The three most important parts of the golf swing are Alignment, Rotation and Connection. You have to have all three if you want to have sustainable success on the course.

ALIGNMENT: If the rod is out of line, you are out of line. The Swing Align Trainer helps to making sure you are setting up square! All you have to do is look down!

ROTATION: Being able to see what a rull rotation looks like is huge. Getting the Trainer perpendicular at the top means you have your body and club in the right postion to make a great downswing.

CONNECTION: The Flexible materials allow you swing at full speed without getting held up by the device. The downswing is where your arms and body have to be in sync. The Swing Align can do that for you!

Learn more or purchase yours at: https://swingtrainer.com/