Devan Bonebrake Swing Tip (Ft. Swing Align)

Devan Bonebrake is the owner/founder of the Southern Cali Golf Academy, located in Carlsbad, CA. Devan was recently named to Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America (Teachers under 40 Years Old). Over the years, Devan has worked with some notable teachers such as Chuck Cook, Mike Bender, Hank Haney and Jim McLean.

Devan Bonebrake loves to use tools in his teaching so students can take what they learn in a lesson and apply it when they are working alone. One tool that he loves to use is the Swing Align Trainer. This device is perfect for achieving the perfect connection and rotation in a golf swing. 

The video above shows how the Swing Align can help with your full swing.  He also shows us what it takes to have a great swing! 


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