Honma Club Fitting: Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Honma Golf has been a growing entity in the game of golf recently. Their expert craftsmanship has set them apart for all the other club manufacturers in the industry. Their custom built golf clubs have been a huge reason for their success. Now that they have achieve a level of success, their next step is to get as many people as possible to test our their clubs and get custom fit for their clubs. In Santa Ana, at the Roger Dunn Golf Shop, Honma has recently opened a Honma club fitting gallery for patrons to give their clubs a whirl. The Golf Life team went to the Golf Shop to get fit for a set of custom golf clubs. Here is the process from start to finish at the Honma club fitting gallery.

When you first walk into the gallery, the first thing that you will notice are two sets of golf clubs, in the range of $50K-$75K/set, sitting in glass display cases. Honma spends a lot of time and effort on craftsmanship. They create the most flawless, detailed set of golf clubs you will ever see in your life. As you meet the team in the gallery, one of Honma’s expert club fitters will then walk you around the gallery explaining all the different types of clubs they manufacture. From women’s to seniors and everything in-between, they have a set of clubs that will be perfect for your game. From their, it’s down to business. You will get on the hitting simulator and start hitting shots with irons, hybrids and woods. The experts at the Honma club fitting gallery will experiment with different club lengths, lies and club heads. Numbers from the hitting simulator will give the experts a good read on what kind of golfer you are and what the perfect set of clubs would be for you!

After you have finished with your fitting, Honma has the ability to order your set of irons right then and there. We mentioned that Honma takes great pride in creating unique, flawless golf clubs from the ground up just for you. So your specs will be sent to the superior craftsman that make the clubs and your golf clubs will start getting built.

Our experience at the Roger Dunn Golf Shop, inside the Honma club fitting gallery, was easy and insightful. Even though Honma is still a growing brand, the experts really dial you in to what you need, rather than what they think you need! If you want more information on Honma golf clubs or where you can get a customize fit for you next set of clubs, go to honmagolf.com/