NextLinks: Golfing Entertainment

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[/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.0.101″ text_font_size=”14px” header_font_size=”26px”]Golf entertainment is latest and greatest in the golfing world. NextLinks bring you the newest way people can go to one destination, have fun with friends and play golf. With NextLinks, their fundamental purpose is to let people enjoy golf no matter the skill level or knowledge.  Their solution is giving a full 18-hole experience inside a large warehouse.

How does NextLinks work?

The experience has three main features. 1. The Simulators: Golfers hit all of their tee shots and long iron shots on the simulator. 2. Putting Green (Live Area): Once the golfer gets close enough to the flag stick, they will play out the hole ‘live’ where it allow for both pitches and putts. 3. Technology: This is what brings everything together. The NextLinks technology ties the simulators with the live play areas so that you know where to put the ball on or around the green so you can finish the hole.

One thing that they really take pride on is their putting greens. They have constructed their greens to have the same look, feel and playability as you would see on any golf course outside. With a machine, NextLinks is able to create a new design of the greens so you have the break and slope that you desire.

But it is not just golf. Well, it is all golf, but like any other golfing experience there is a social experience as well. At night, the live play area gets transformed into a nightclub setting with lasers, black lights and spotlights. Everyone gets thirsty when they play golf. That is why they have a lounge for friends and co-workers to socialize and have a good time when they are not playing their round.

For those of you who love new and exciting activities that you can do with your friends or co-workers, NextLinks is the NEXT place you should going. Fun, entertaining and a legitimate golfing experience. What could go wrong? For more information and where they will be building next, Click Here!
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