Take A Ride With Phat Scooters

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Phat Scooters: The All-Electric Scooter

Phat Scooters is a USA based company that is creating and manufacuring the all-electric modern scooter for your golf game or your lifestyle. The name says it all. ‘Phat’ means ‘cool’. ‘Phat’ does not mean ‘fat’. These are awesome scooters built right here in the USA; Phoenix, AZ to be exact. You want to talk about freedom and letting your hair down? The Phat Scooter is the perfect vehicle for the golf course or just leisurley around the neighborhood.

They say, “If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Phat Scooter.” These scooters are designed for versaility and fun. With a 30-50 mile range, a top speed of 20MPH, a 30 degree hill climp and a 1200Watt motor, you can go up, down, over and through a golf course with ease.

How do you make them your own though? You customize the Phat Scooter to fit who you are. Pick the color of your frame, pick the color/design of your fenders, throw on a customized deck and you have your very own personalized scooter.

There are three different driving modes that you can choose from. 1.Beach Mode: Max speed of 8MPH that keeps you in the legal limits of the boardwalk. 2. Golf Mode: Max speed of 13MPH to keep you safe on the course through tough terrain. 3. Bike Mode: Max speed of 20MPH. Throw the Phat Scooter in the bike lane and cruise down the street (check your local laws for age restrictions and helment requirements.) If, for nothing else, experience the shear freedom. These vehicle can be upgraded to your specifications and desires. Do you need a cup holder? Do you need a surfboard rack? Do you need a basket? The folks at Phat Scooters can dial you in so you have everything you need to be comfortable on the scooter.

Of course, safety and customer service are their priorities. The unique aspect of their business is that they are built right here in the USA and can give direct support for any troubleshooting or mechanical issues you may have with the scooter. Check out their website and start building your own scooter from the ground up. Click Here!

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