Golf Life July 2017 Episode

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In this episode of Golf Life, we take you to a place like no other and provide you ideas to help your game. We visited the Vail Valley to check out the Vail Golf Club. The Vail Golf Club is great for many reasons. First of all, it has the ability to allow walkers on the course, push carts, and even golf bikes. Because it is located in the valley, it really is, first of all, a beautiful location, but also, being flat, you can do all those things like walk, take a golf bike, or push your push cart with ease. And it’s also very playable for everyone. There’s five sets of tees to choose from. The course can take the best players and challenge them and also take the players that struggle on the golf course and allow them to have a good time out here.

Alphard Golf eWheelsGolf Life is sent a variety of new products to share with our viewers. We recently received an innovation in powered golf carts like no other, called eWheels. This e-cart solution was developed by Alphard Golf, the inventors of the Alphard Duo Cart. The set of electric wheels can easily be attached to a push cart with the quick latching system, giving you a dynamic new powered cart. EWheels has a lithium battery that will power your cart for up to 27 holes. You control the cart with a remote control that works within 50 yards. And eWheels is quick and maneuverable, yet powerful, allowing it to handle the terrain on your course. EWheels is waterproof, so you can play in wet conditions. The wide base provides a stable ride, and a cruise-control feature will allow the cart to travel with you at your own walking speed. Another cool feature is the distance control function, allowing you to send your clubs down the fairway ahead of you. EWheels is now available through special introductory offers at It’s like having your own caddie so you can easily walk the course and enjoy your game. So head over to


We caught up with top teacher Steve Atherton, the head of instruction at Eagle Springs Golf Club to get a great short game drill that isperfect for practicing before each round.

Learn about an innovative golf accessory for your bag called GripDry.  This golf product snaps onto your shaft and prevents your grips from getting wet, dirty and help them last longer. Learn more over at

Golf Life Co-Host Colton Little talks with top teacher Shawn Cox out at the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar about a golfers pre-shot routine. Plus, much more!



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