MISIG – Most Important Stretch In Golf

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Golf Life is all about bringing you great golf products we found online that could help your golf game.   Here’s one that several golf   media agencies are endorsing.   We think it’s great, too.  It’s called MISIG – “The Most Important Stretch In Golf”

What is MISIG?

MISIG is a golf training aid that will improve your golf game. It is basically a rod with 3 resistance bands providing a different resistance for each. It provides a stretch like no other.

It will allow you to create critical muscle memory on the take away and provide a better shoulder turn. You will feel a tremendous stretch in your shoulders, back and hips. Not only will it provide a great stretch but it allows you to exercise simultaneously while stretching you to a proper form.


The MISIG will get you hitting stronger and better golf shots. You will feel less fatigue and help prevent future injuries. Every golfer would love to have a wider golf swing. The MISIG will dramatically increase degrees of your back swing and range of motion.

It kept me connected with my golf swing.  So when I got in my stance and I bring my hands not all the way through my backswing, but, you know, just up to the point where my hands are gonna separate, it puts me in that good position to where I’ll give a good backswing and I’ll have a good follow-through.  What I see from the MISIG is — it can help in two ways. One, it can help with your swing. It can allow you to get more rotation in your backswing, get more flexibility. The other is — I can take this to the range and get a good fitness workout with it. There’s a couple of different workouts that you can do to strengthen your swing, to get more distance with your swing, and to get more rotation.

Head over to feelthestretch.com and put in the code “GL,” and you’ll get $10 off the MISIG.


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