Str8 Putt Training Aid Review

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Str8 Putt Training aid

STR8 Putt Training Aid

You have to pay attention in today’s multimedia society because you never know when a new product for review might come across your line of sight. I am always on the lookout for new interesting golf items, whether it is new clothing or a new training devices. We all have seen the numerous putting devices, aids, tools out there and their claims to make you a better putter. They range from the very affordable to the very pricey electronic devices. Most, if not all of them, deal with what is going on at the head of the putter.

Daniel Willis has come up with a training aid that starts where the putting stroke starts, at the hands or the grip of the putter. The device he has come up with is called the Str8 Putt. The device is made out of a lightweight metal and is collapsible and stores into a nylon sleeve measuring approximately 5”x5”x24”. To make a comparison that most people would be able to relate to I would say that the construction and materials are similar to a high quality camera tripod. It is very easy to unpack and unfold to its proper position to start your path on becoming a better putter. The Str8 Putt is fully adjustable and it will fit golfers of all shapes sizes.

The two putting rails or guides measure approximately 18” in length, there are markings on the rails every 1 ½” used for measure length of backstroke and ball position. The rails are also adjustable widthwise from 1 ¾” to ¾”. This allows the golfer to fine tune his or her putting stroke, creating good muscle memory. The goal is to make a putting stroke and not hit the rails on either side of the device. The better one gets the narrower you can make the gap between the rails. You will be surprised how much your stroke varies from stroke to stroke. The idea is to create a repeatable stroke with the same ball position and square setup. The Str8 helps out on all of those areas.

This device benefits the golfer with a straight back and straight through stroke. The Str8 Putt is fully portable and can be used anywhere, living room, putting green, basically anyplace you can set it up and make a stroke. There is no need to jump in the car and travel to the range or course to practice your putting. Five minutes here, ten minutes there is all you need to work on your setup and stroke. Dan has come up with several excellent videos on his website on different ways to use the Str8 Putt device.

Str8 Putt Training aid

The concept:

Do you take the putter back and through on the path you are trying? Do you know for sure? How can you tell? Just because you missed the putt does not mean you made a bad stroke or does it? Str8 Putt was designed to give instant feedback on where the putter is going. By moving the aid up near the hands, which control the path of the putter, you the golfer can feel, hear and see when and why you go wrong. The simple yet hard to master design of Str8 Putt is to NOT hit the parallel arms with the putter shaft. There are no unanswered questions when you use Str8 Putt.

Do you set your eyes over the ball? Are your hands set at the same angle every time? All these questions can be answered very quickly using the easy to carry and setup Str8 Putt training aid. Consistency in one’s setup will lead to confidence which means more made putts and no (or less) three putts.Str8 Putt will correct your putting flaws and give you the confidence that when you are on the green you will make a great stroke. The simple yet highly effective putting aid will deliver immediate and long lasting results.

Str8 Putt Training aid

The only way to practice perfect:

To correct any swing you need feedback. Str8 Putt Is your putting coach in a box. Even the best players in the world need a coach to remind them of what they are doing right or wrong. Str8 Putt does that in the most simple and effective way possible. With a simple dot system you can put the ball in the same spot every time. Your hands, feet and shoulders will be set up the same way with a little peripheral vision. You will be instantly notified through feel and sound when you drag the putter too far inside or outside, no electrical shock just yet. Str8 Putt can be used on any surface, any time and with little effort to set up. You can be a better putter and in a much shorter period of time than you think.

Will the Str8 Putt device make you a better putter? Well let me answer that question with a question within a question? If you can you make the same repeated stroke every time you stroke the putt, will it make you a better putter? If you could place your body in the same square stance with your eyes in the same position every time, will that make you a better putter? All of the variables in the putting stroke will be taken care of up front. You still need to determine the speed and line of the putt and the only way that can be taught is by experience and learning it on the course. No training aid or device can be a fix all for a golf stroke or swing. A famous golfer once said that “perfect practice makes perfect” the Str8 Putt slogan is “The only way to practice perfect.”

With the season winding down in the Northeast, now would be a good time to pick up a tool to help you out on that stroke over the winters months. If you are lucky enough to live in warm climate where you can play year round and practice outside, the Str8 Putt is still a good fit. Take some time to check out Str8 Putt on their website, as well as, their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mike Hallee
GolfLife Contributor


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