Tacticool “BAMF” Golf Bag

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The Tacticool “BAMF” Golf Bag

In 2015, a couple of Air Force Vets and BFF’s founded Tacticool. Their motto is to create non-tactical gear with a tactical mindset. Keep in mind that the 3 founders are Air Force Vets. What they have created is something very unique and special. From extremely badass golf bags to awesome golf accessories, Tacticool is a company that is on the “up and up” when it comes to golf gear (no pun intended).

The Tacticool “BAMF” Golf Bag is exactly what you hope it would be. It is the world’s first personalizable, customizable, tactical golf bag. Developed with the same material that the troops use overseas, this golf bag can only be called “BAMF”. If you are unfamiliar with what “BAMF” means, it mean “Bad ASS Mother F*^&%$”.  This bag is not for the weak. This bag is for the avid golfer who grinds out their rounds each and every day. This bag is for the people who love golf and who love our Military. This bag is for those who call themselves “BAMF’s”.

The terms customizable and personalizable is thrown around a lot in the golfing world. Now-a-days you can virtually get anything customized and personalized. But at Tacticool, it is a bit different. When you buy you very own “BAMF” golf bag you are able to customize and personalize your golf bag each and every day. With (what seems like 100 pouches) you can change your gear, look, style and usability every time you hit the course. The entire bag is molle includes pouches that are removable on a versatile platform that is capable of complete customization.

At the top of the bag is a feature that I really enjoy. It is a handle that you can use to carry your golf bag anywhere you want. It makes life super easier getting the golf bag in and out of the cart, in and out of the car, in and out of the clubhouse. Not very many golf bags offer this amenity, so it is nice to have that luxury.

MY FAVORITE PART though, is the shotgun strap. If you are a hunter, this is something that will make you very happy. Say you are a hunter and a golfer, you can pack your bag full of clubs and balls and pack your shotgun strap full of ammo. I am not condoning the use of the shotgun on the golf course, but it is an awesome feature that just says “BAMF”.

No matter what the situation, you will be the toughest, most BADASS golfer on the course if you have a Tacticool “BAMF” golf bag. choose from Coyote Brown, Stealth Black, or the Olive Drab for colors. If you head over to the Tacticool website right now you can get a clearance on the 2016 models, just like you see in the video. While there, take a look their BRAND NEW 2017 “BAMF” golf bag that you can PRE-ORDER today or check out all there accessories you can use on a daily basis.

All in all, Tacticool makes quality products that last and that are BADASS. At the end of the day, that is all we are asking for!


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