Rory McIlroy Interviewed BY Little Man Billy

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Rory McIlroy Interviewed By Little Kid “Billy” About His Love Life

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I think we just found the best interviewer in the history of interviewers. Little Billy just took the cake on one of the best interviews, EVER, and it was with PGA Tour’s Rory McIlroy. Take a seat Jim Nantz. Move over Jimmy Roberts. Who is Roger Maltbie anyways? It is always the greatest when kids as questions, because let’s face it, that is all they do. All kids do is ask questions and get into trouble. That is exactly what Little Billy did in this interview. On top of asking questions, he has NO FILTER! The kid asked the tough questions. Like why Rory McIlroy broke up with tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki, or why he was scared of a little mosquito (OLYMPIC REFERENCE)! No chance in hell Jimmy Roberts or Roger Maltbie would ask those questions. We don’t care what Rory was thinking on the 18th hole with $1,000,000 on the line, or why he choose to lay up with a 9 iron on 6 instead of going for the green in two.

Little Billy almost has more street cred that Jimmy and Roger. Why? Because he doesn’t have a job to loose with CBS! And who isn’t gonna answer a question asked by a cool, little kid? Big ups to Rory for taking one in the teeth and giving us answers we’ve been waiting for. But even more impressive, and more kudos to Little Man Billy for 1. Being the best interviewer of all time and 2. for not knowing what a filter is!

For the record, I think it would be great for Billy to interview Tiger Woods! But one of two things WILL happen:

  1. Tiger will say he is coming for the interview and then not show up, breaking a little kids heart!


2. Billy’s Team will deny the interview with Tiger because Billy’s Team doesn’t want to hurt the glass frame that is Tiger Woods.

Well done Billy, Well done!

Colton Little



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