Orange Whip Discount

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How many training aids can you use outside and inside? The Orange Whip Trainer allows you to do just that without compromising your swing or your surroundings! There are not very many swing training aids that work instantly. With 5-10 minutes a day with the Orange Whip you will develop a more effective and efficient golf swing. Not only will it help your golf swing, it will also help your fitness. Especially for those who live in the “winter states,” this tool can really be very beneficial. A YEAR-ROUND training is the perfect aid for the golfer in your life! Check them out at

Whether it is for fitness, your swing or a warm up before your round, you will quickly see noticeable improvement in your golf swing. Things like “increased flexibility”, “strength”, and “enhanced coordination”, are all things you will get with the Orange Whip. If this is something you are looking into purchasing, use Golf Life to get a discount! Fill out the form and let the savings begin this holiday season!


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