The Miura SIT 460 Driver

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The Miura SIT 460 Driver – Stong & Ideal Trajectory


Miura has been know, over the years, to produce classy and reliable golf clubs. The SIT 460 is the newest Driver to the Miura family. First of all, SIT stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory. Miura built this driver with an all-titanium head with a volume of 460 cubic centimeters. 460cc is the maximum size allowed for golf. Anything larger than 460cc is deemed illegal in the golfing world. Miura sent Golf Life a brand new driver, custom fit for our Co-Host Colton Little, to try out on the course and review… so let’s go!

If you don’t know by now, Miura is a unique company. They create custom golf clubs for you specifically, from the ground up. Depending on your height, swing speed, preference of shafts, and overall golf game, a golf club is built with unique craftsmanship. In our specific situation, Miura crafted a SIT 460 driver than included:

  • A Fujikura STIFF Speeder Shaft
  • 10.5-degree loft
  • Casted in two pieces
  • A Back 9 Driver Cover

Miura Driver top Line Miura Driver bottom Line

At first glance, the driver is very “classic” looking. There are no fancy adjustable weights or loud colors. It is just a classy, classic driver that gives you plenty of distance and forgiveness. The top line of the driver is matte black with a little mirror finish. If you are looking to fix you hair or look at yourself on the golf course, this driver is perfect for you! Miura also has a liking to the gold, mirror, and black colors. Their Fujikura Speeder Shaft is black and gold. They also have a very grippy grip that plays well with the look of the driver!

Hitting this driver for the first time was a little problematic, though. Our first couple hits had a very low trajectory because we were having a hard time finding the club face. If we had to describe it as anything, we would call it a “boring ball flight.” But, after learning how to hit this driver, we were able to gain a higher ball flight and a more desired line. We will give this driver an A in distance and forgiviness, though. We were fairway hitting machines and at a distance you wouldn’t expect from looking at it. When you look at some of the other top drivers in the business, you would expect to hit the ball far because of the fancy lines, big heads, and technology. With the Miura SIT 460, you don’t get that sense. But at the end of the day, you are able to hit the ball just as far and with just as much forgiveness.


Golf Life would give this driver a 3.9 out of 5. While you get the distance and side-to-side forgiveness, the Miura driver doesn’t give you any adjustment functionality, and that has been a must over the last year or so with drivers. We can see where Miura is coming from with the design. It is all about the “Classic” look, and they achieved that. At the end of the day, you want something that will get you in the fairway with distance, which this driver does. But if you are looking for a driver that will turn heads and be the talk of the round, this isn’t it. You will be consistent with this driver, we just recommend that you hit it a few times to learn its abilities before you get out of the course. Make sure know what ball flight you usually hit, and keep hitting it until you get your ideal trajectory!


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