Best Drivers You Can Buy Right Now: April 2016

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Golf has proven year in and year out to be an always-changing industry and if you don’t stay on top of WHAT’S HOT, you will fall behind very quickly! Golf Life is making your life easier by showing you what’s hot in the driver category for April of 2016! We highlight the best drivers that the game of golf has to offer and give you in-depth videos for each driver! Which one is best for you? Let’s find out!

Callaway Golf XR 16 Driver

PRICE: $350.00

Lets begin by saying that Callaway took their driver very seriously this year. Not that they don’t take it serious every year, but this years it seems like they were trying to make an impression in the golfing world.  They made that impression by teaming up with Boeing, a leader in aerodynamics technology, to create a head that is built for speed and forgiveness. The head is called the “Speed Step Crown.” This crown is designed to split through the wind allowing for very fast speeds through the impact zone. Along with the “Speed Step Crown” they have also added more MOI (moment of inertia) to club by moving the weight back and down on the head while adding the R-Moto Face technology allowing for extreme forgiveness! It has a matte black finish with blue as the accented color. When you look at the bottom of the head, it seems there is a lot going on with all the lines, but that is by design; you can give credit to the aerodynamic feature for that unique look. This driver comes with a 9.5-12.5 (with a 13.5 optional) loft and a graphite Fujikura Speeder 565 shafts. This drivers deserves to be in the best drivers category.

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Cobra King LTD Driver

PRICE: $450.00

 It’s no secret that Cobra likes to go above and beyond on all their products, especially in golf. All you have to do is turn on the TV and you will see Rickie Fowler going above and beyond to give a show! Side Note: He wins the ‘cool’ category every week.  It’s pretty clear that Cobra has transitioned itself into the “young crowd” golf company by the way they are designing their products. You see it everyday with people dressing in bright colors, wanting so badly to be Rickie Fowler. Well, they have done it again with their driver. The Cobra King LTD is one of the best drivers on the market today.  Cobras’ King LTD is ALL about hitting the ball extremely far and extremely straight! The driver has a very unique club head design. With the help of NASA, they have created a SPACEPORT! This spaceport is a 16g weight that sits on the bottom of the club to keep the CG (center of gravity) low and deep creating a very high MOI Driver! That spaceport prevents the over tightening and loosening of weights at high speed impacts! That spaceport is one of a kind because it doubles as a lens that allows you to look into the club head! The overall design of this club looks awesome. With the black and orange Cobra colors covering the club, it’s a driver you have to get a closer look at! Cobra allows for a very wide range of customizable shafts, lofts and grips, so you are sure to start hitting the ball very, very far!

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TaylorMade M2 Driver

PRICE: $400.00

TaylorMade clubs are quickly becoming the “gotta-have-it” club between both amateurs and professionals in golf. This is really the case with their M Family Drivers. Turn on the golf channel and we bet you see more TaylorMade Drivers than anything else. This is because in 2015 they launch their M1 Driver that can be customizable to the max. In 2016, they quickly turned around and launched the M2 Driver! The M2 is built with the multi-material construction that features the same carbon-composite that the M1 has. The carbon composite makes the club very light, very thin, and very strong! Don’t be surprised that this driver also provides exceptional distance and forgiveness. But what is the difference between the M1 and M2. Well if you don’t want to deal with all the customizations that the M1 provides, the M2 already has the customizations done for you. Just grip it and rip it! It has a massive sweet spot because of its Inverted Cone Technology, redesigned Speed Pocket and high MOI. You won’t have to worry about aerodynamics with this one because it has the low CG along with the carbon composite material that allows it to be extremely fast through impact! What about the sound with the Carbon Composite material? Don’t worry about that, it has best in class sound that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up! It has a little different color combinations with the white, black and golf, but it looks very appealing when addressed at the golf ball! Get one of 12 loft positions and multiple shaft options to get yourself fitted perfectly! This is why the M2 is one of this years best drivers

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PING G Driver

PRICE: $400.00

Have you ever seen a dragonfly up close? More specifically, have you ever seen a dragonfly wing up close? Well, PING has, and they have created a driver that resembles a dragonfly wing. The process is called biomimicry, where the engineers analyzed a dragonfly’s wing patter and created a very thin, high MOI and CG driver! The Dragonfly Technology has given PING a very long and forgiving driver off the tee!  They have made themselves known in the golf world by having their driver be the center of attention every weekend on the PGA Tour. Bubba Watson, one of the worlds greatest golfers, uses a G Driver but it is different than most. It’s bright PINK! We all know you have seen it multiple times over the last couple of months and if you don’t watch much golf but are into golf social media, you have probably heard of #dragonflyme which is Bubba’s go-to hashtag. The Dragonfly Technology has given life to the PING G Driver putting itself in position as one of the best drivers in golf! The very ominous matte black finish with blue accents allows for a perfect color combination to catch your eye! Just like any PING club (Driver, Irons, Wedges and Putters) they will be custom fit just for you at their HQ in Arizona!

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So which one is right for you? Well that is for you to figure out! We just wanted to give you an in-depth analysis of the best drivers the golf industry has to offer! There are two things you should have learned from this. 1. This is the year of speed and forgiveness! Hit it far and hit it long! That seems to be the similarities between all these drivers. And 2. Each driver has unique ideas that set them apart from each other! Callawy=Boeing. Cobra=NASA. TaylorMade=Carbon Composite. PING=Dragonfly! Do your research, watch our videos and start hitting the ball longer and farther!