During our time in CA, we decided to have a little fun at the Journey @ Pechanga and play some “Wolf” with some our friends. Alissa Kacar, Colton Little, Eileen Kelly and Trent Feltz had a friendly competition and put a little scramble twist on the game of “Wolf”. “Wolf” is a fun game to play when you have four people in a group. It’s a simple and easy way to create competition on the course and have fun at the same time. We think it is important to continue to show that golf is not just 1-18 journey and that putting simple games into play can create a lot of enjoyment during a long round of golf.

Playing games like wolf scramble can be a good way to mix up the game with some friends or just a group.  Sometimes you don’t need to take it so seriously so there should be some mixing in of games like wolf scramble.



Wolf is a classic betting and strategy game with four players in a round. Before the first tee, all players must determine a specific driving order that will stay in place the whole round. In this game of WOLF, there are no honors or “it’s your tee”. If player 1 teed off first on hole 1, they will tee off first on hole 5, 9 and 13 as well. That goes for Player 2, 3 and 4.

Each hole starts with a player being the “WOLF”. The “Wolf” is the player that hits first and then watches the other players hit their shots. After each individual drive, the “Wolf” must decide if he/she wants to be on the same team as that person prior to the next person teeing off to create a 2v2 situation. IF the “WOLF” doesn’t like any of the 3 drives, they can become the “Lone WOLF” and now the game become 1v3. Being the “Lone Wolf” is high risk high reward as it is triple the cash, but also triple the loss if you lose that hole.

In our situation, we played “Wolf” but with a scramble element built in. Normally “Wolf” is played as a best score situation between you and your partner on that particular hole.

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