Joe Clark, aka Joe Plays Golf, is an elementary teacher from Iowa and he is just your average “Joe” when it comes to golf. Joe is just a guy who loves the game and enjoys taking people like you and me on a journey through his Golf Life. His popularity of social media (mainly Instagram and TicTok) has grown substantially over the last few months because of his content. The golf content that Joe Clark produces is very relatable to the everyday golfer and we think that is why he has increase his audience on those platforms.

Every weekend, we watch professionals hit amazing shots after amazing shot, but the reality is, WE (the average golfer) can MAYBE hit 5-6 of those amazing shots a round. This is what Joe brings to the table. His “shot-to-shot” series gives you a real look in what 95% of us do every time we hit the links. We caught up with Joe Clark and went 1-on-1 with him to learn more about his Golf Life and how he is helping the game of golf grow through social media!

How did he Start?

Joe’s father put a club in his hands when he was 2 years old but took it a little more seriously around the age of 9 years old. He went on to play competitively through junior golf, high school, and college. Now Joe’s ultimate goal for his game is to make people laugh and put a smile on his audience’s face as he makes content for Joe Plays Golf.



Joe’s whole mission, when it comes to golf and social media, is show a relatable golf personality and (hopefully) put a smile on your face. During the summers in Iowa, because he is a teacher, he has time to go golfing. One day, he decided to video every swing of every hole that he played and post it on Instagram and TikTok. From there, his popularity increase and people continued to come back and watch what course and how he played day after day. His method is very easy and efficient. He plays the hole, filming each shot, and then goes back and describes what the shot was and how it went via VO (voice over) after the hole/round.

Along with this series of videos, Joe also provides other content surrounding the golf community that will keep you entertained for a while.

We encourage you to go check out his content on Instagram and TikTok!

IG & TikTok – @joeplays_golf

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