Surf and Turf Golf is truly a coast-to-coast golf lifestyle apparel brand that is changing how we look on and off the golf course from New York to California and everywhere in-between. The brand was founded on making comfortable and quality apparel with community inclusion.



As we go along in 2021, there are more and more people enjoying the game. With that, less and less people are wanting to golf in a stuffy, exclusive areas. A new breed of golf is upon us. People want to be comfortable when they play golf. People want to have fun and be flexible on and off the golf course. The Surf and Turf lifestyle is not just for the younger generation…it’s for everyone!

Founded in Dana Point, CA, the brand was established because the game of golf remains too exclusive and that no everyone can or wants to live/play golf that way. Their belief was to create an open-armed brand that will include anyone and everyone. They are paving the way for golf on the West Coast, the East Coast and the Middle America!

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