For most of us, our scores would be so much better if we eliminated the 3-putt bogey. In order to eliminate those dreaded 3-putts you need to work on your distance control. Randy Chang shows us a great drill to work on before your round that will help you putt better and get in touch with your feelings! There are really three parts to this lesson to progressively get to a point where distance control is all about hand-eye coordination.

The first thing to do is toss a ball (underhand) from a distance and see how close you can get to the hole. Then you take the “head up” drill and see how close you can get to the hole. Finally, close your eyes, let your FEELINGS take over and let your body take over. If you can do this drill on a consistent basis, your distance control will certainly become second nature!

Distance control is a huge part of the game of golf. From the tee to the putt your distances are important. The more you can dial in on this, the better your game will be. In this lesson Randy Chang shows distance control in putting, but Chang has many other teaching videos that help improve your golf game.



Randy Chang is a PGA golf Professional and founder of the Aloha Academy of Golf in Hawaii and Randy Chang Golf Schools in Southern California. With over 35 years of professional golf experience he has been recognized by the PGA and golf industry with awards such as:

2010 SCPGA Section Teacher of the Year.

2014 Golf Tips Magazine National Top 30 Instructor

2015 SCPGA Youth Development Award

2017 Inducted SCPGA Teaching Hall of Fame

2019 Golf Digest Best in State Southern California

2020 SCPGA Teacher of the Year

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