In this video, we will be showing a valuable lesson from Mike Malaska on how to get the ball in the air in golf. Malaska emphasizes the importance of understanding the correct technique rather than relying on lifting the ball. By focusing on the alignment of the club and the ball, as well as the positioning of the right arm, you can achieve better results in your chipping game.

The Importance of Alignment

To start, Mike Malaska reminds us that the ball gets in the air due to the angle of the clubface, not by lifting it. He demonstrates this by taking a club and going through the motion of hitting the ball. He emphasizes that the goal is to put the fourth groove on the back of the ball. By focusing on this alignment, you can avoid hitting the ball fat.

Visualizing the Impact Point

Mike Malaska suggests that when hitting chip shots, it is crucial to focus on the impact point of the ball. He recommends visualizing a dot on the back of the ball and aiming to hit that dot with the clubface. By doing so, you can ensure that the ball rolls up the face and gets in the air. This visualization technique helps eliminate the tendency to try to lift the ball, which often leads to poor contact.

The Right Arm’s Role

Mike Malaska demonstrates the correct motion for chipping with the right hand. He emphasizes that the right forearm should push the shaft through the ball, aiming to catch the back of the ball on the dot. This pushing motion mimics a putting stroke with a lofted club. By keeping the right arm in alignment with the shaft, you can achieve a clean strike and get the ball in the air.



Mike Malaska concludes the lesson by emphasizing the importance of impact in golf. He states that impact is the only position that truly matters in the swing. By practicing the correct technique in chipping and building that foundation, you can see improvements in your full swing as well.

Mike Malaska’s lesson on getting the ball in the air in golf highlights the importance of proper alignment, visualization, and understanding impact. By focusing on these key elements, you can improve your chipping game and achieve better results on the course. Remember to align the clubface with the ball, visualize the impact point, and use your right arm to push the shaft through the ball. By practicing these techniques and building a solid foundation, you can see improvements not only in your chipping but also in your full swing. So, the next time you’re on the course, keep these tips in mind and watch your ball soar through the air with ease.

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