Golf is a game of perception and understanding the forces at play in a swing. Mike Malaska, a 40-year golf teaching veteran, has identified a common mistake that can lead to poor performance on the course. According to Malaska, the key to a successful golf swing is understanding the offsetting forces that come into play when the club is at the top of the swing.

Mike Malaska explains that the key to a successful golf swing is to feel like the handle of the club is coming down and the clubhead is working out. He compares it to a steering wheel on a car, where you have to start to turn the wheel before you get to the corner. If you wait until you get to the corner, you’ll go right into the wall.

Practice drill

Mike Malaska suggests a practice drill to help golfers understand the forces at play in a golf swing. He recommends taking a tennis racket and setting up to the ball. As you start down, you should feel like you’re turning the corner and the weight of the club is coming over the top of your hands from inside the target line.

Malaska emphasizes that this move is not about unhinging your wrists, but rather about understanding the offsetting forces that will help you get the club to the ball. He also notes that the practice swing and the actual swing may not look the same.



Mike bases his golf instruction in swing mechanics and physical fitness to provide students with every advantage on the course. His in-depth understanding of the physical aspects of the body and the golf swing has led to an unsurpassed level of success where athletes improve swing mechanics and sequencing of the body by stretching, strengthening and conditioning programs backed by cutting-edge analytics and technologies.

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