In this video, we will discuss a chipping drill shared by Mark Albert. He addresses a common problem among golfers, which is taking the club back only with their arms, resulting in a deceleration and lack of stability during the shot. He suggests using a medicine ball to improve body movement and acceleration in the short game.

Using a Medicine Ball

To enhance body movement and stability, Albert recommends using a medicine ball. The weight of the ball forces golfers to engage their entire body during the chipping motion. By moving the medicine ball to the right during the backswing and to a larger position on the follow-through, golfers can develop a better sense of body rotation and generate more power in their shots.

Proper Elbow Position

Another key aspect that Albert highlights is the position of the elbows. He advises keeping the elbows down, rather than allowing them to lift up or create a “chicken wing” effect. This ensures that the movement of the body is driving the shot, rather than relying on the arms alone. By maintaining proper elbow position, golfers can achieve a more consistent and controlled chipping technique.



In this article, we discussed a chipping drill shared by Mark Albert to improve body movement and stability in the short game. By incorporating a medicine ball into your practice routine, you can develop better acceleration, commitment to the finish, and stability in your chipping technique. Remember to focus on the body movement and maintain proper elbow position for optimal results. Practice this drill regularly to enhance your overall chipping skills and improve your performance on the golf course.

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