The Major Series of Putting from the amazing 20,000 sq ft. Jack Nicklaus Designed Putting Stadium near Top Golf Las Vegas.  This one hour broadcast was produced, edited and distributed across the US on Fox Sports Network by Golf Life Media and Action Television.  Mike Billingsley, the executive producer, states, “The MSOP was my most challenging never been captured project of my career, and I’ve had quite a few firsts in sports TV.  No one really understood the speed of the event and how we would track the competitiors so that we could capture the key moments of the coverage.  We had to make it up on the fly and for a first effort I was pretty happy with the end results.”  Subsequent seasons of the MSOP were shot at Legacy Golf Club in Las Vegas and the process to capture the events became much more streamlined.  But this first event was very unique in the history of golf, in terms of the level of the competitors who came from across the globe, the prize money and the success of the event for the next 3 years prior to the Corona Virus Pandemic.


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