Golf fans have been treated to a unique experience with the LIV Golf event, which is a new format for professional golf. Recently, Golf Life visited the event to learn more about the changes and how it fits into the golf life of fans.

The event was set up in a very inviting way, with beanbag chairs and a nice area to sit and have a drink. The crowds and players were very close, with media being able to get close to the fairway.


Players’ Perspective

The players were very impressed with the setup of the event. Brooks Koepka said, “It was first class. It looks like a 25 year old kid set this thing up with beanbag chairs in a nice little area where you can sit down and have a drink. I mean, it’s really nice, very inviting.”

Another golf fan added, “It’s really wonderful to bring great golfers out here. So I think for me, that wins out a little bit.”

Golf Fans’ Perspective

Golf fans were also very impressed with the event. One person said, “It does seem like they’re having fun. It’s fun to watch them play.”

Another attendee added, “As a golf fan in the Northwest, we don’t get any men’s professional golf. So it’s a treat to have it out here, you know. So since we got the US Open at Chambers and this is great to see because they came out.”

One guest said, “This is my first golf tournament and I walked in. It was like, wow, this looks like a party. But also serious. So I thought it was really well set up so far.”


Team Competition

The team competition was a big draw for the event. The two teams that were selling the most were Phil’s group and D.J. and Pat Perez, who were known as the four aces.

We talked with another person who said, “I think it’s great to have an individual in the team concept because everybody has a chance. You have to finish. You have to. You can’t just give up and then walk away. If somebody is ten over, that putt matters at the end. So it kind of brings more country club feel or your weekend round of golf with your buddies.”

Overall Impression

Overall, the event was a success. Our publisher, Mike Billingsley stated, “We are very impressed with what we’ve seen so far with LIV Golf. And I don’t overstate that. We have talked to a lot of people, and they are really having fun. They like the changes. The format seems very fresh. The environment is awesome. They’ve made a shotgun start with 54 holes that people seem to like a lot. The team format is taking hold. You’re seeing that from people buying merchandise. All in all, they’ve done some things that are really interesting, and the players seem very relaxed. So far, they’ve checked off a lot of great boxes with LIV Golf.”

Ladies at the event cheered, “We’re having a blast at LIV Golf.”


The LIV Golf event has been a great success, with players and fans alike enjoying the unique format and team competition. It has brought a fresh and fun approach to the game of golf, and it looks like it will be here to stay.

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