One of the last golf clubs that are added to golfers bags are the hybrids. What people don’t know is the hybrid can be very useful in more ways that one. Jeff Yurkiewicz, the Head Instructor at the Peter Kostis Golf Academy at the Grey Hawk Golf Club, gives us a great lesson on the different ways you can use your hybrid to score out on the golf course. Instead on laying up on the par 5 with 230 left, take your hybrid club and stick it on the green. Another way to use the hybrid is to use the punch show and let the ball run up to the green!

Key Fundamentals

The first point Jeff Yurkiewicz makes is that you hit the hybrid like an iron. Don’t get up on the ball when swinging it.  The next tip is to get under the wind by choking down and getting closer to the golf ball.  Hitting down on it in this way will take away the loft.  He mentions a continuous rotation through the swing to make good contact as well.  Overall, the hybrid is an easy club to hit with and learning these tricks will improve your game.



  • 25 Years as Head Instructor for the Peter Kostis Golf academy and Kostis/McCord Learning Center at Grayhawk Golf Club
  • Learned under Top 100 Teachers Peter Kostis and Paul Trittler
  • 2002 Southwest Section Player of the Year
  • 2003 Phoenix Open and Tucson Open participant
  • 2005 PGA Championship participant
  • 20 time Team Member of the SWSPGA Bob Goldwater Cup Team

Jeff Yurkiewicz approaches golf instruction with a personable style that allows his students to get the most of each lesson. He would like to credit Peter Kostis and Paul Trittler for his keen understanding of the game; an understanding that he developed into his own practical and effective instructional method.

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