During our trip to Temecula, CA we stopped by the Pechanga Resort and Casino! Pechanga is the largest resort and casino on the west coast with the most amazing amenities to indulge to. One of the main attractions to this beautiful complex is the Pechanga Spa and Fitness Center. Golf Life Host, Colton Little, decided to try his hand at yoga!

The Spa Pechanga is 25K square foot of pure luxury! Built to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit while offering treatment rooms and relaxation areas with amazing views. Not to mention the steam rooms and saunas, there is something for everyone when you take a trip to Temecula.



Among all the great amenities, the Spa Pechanga allows you to get ready for your round of golf with some yoga. Designed to help you get ready for your round or help you relax after your round, Mimi Ko, the yoga instructor at the Spa Pechanga, puts you through several exercises to help your body and mind. Golf Life chose to do a yoga session with Mimi before we went out on the course.

We learned three different exercises:

1. Dancer’s Pose

2. Tree Pose

3. Twisted Crescent Lunge

As you can image, Golf Life host Colton Little had some limitations to his Yoga as he had zero experience before attending this yoga session with Mimi. All the poses and exercises were easy enough for Colton and he felt better after the session.

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