It’s the People’s park of Oceanside, CA and the home of the North County Junior Golf Association. In 1952, Goat Hill Park opened their doors to a nine-hole golf course, today it is a par 65 18-hole golf course. To this date, Goat Hill Park is the only golf course in Oceanside, CA that has an ocean view.



Don’t take the Par 65 lightly though. The course is littered with hills an angulations that creates an some difficulty. Most of the golf course is set to be a long shot followed by a short shot. Most of the par 4’s will ask for a precise long shot, followed by 75-80 yards into the green.

A few years back though, the county was looking to sell off the land. They wanted to turn it over and make some money on the property. Queue the Hero. The hero: John Ashworth. John and his team of investors came into the picture to save Goat Hill Park.

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