Golf Life took a trip to Palm Desert, CA to check out the Big Horn Golf Club. While we were there we ran into the Director of Instruction at the Big Horn, Dale Abraham. Dale Abraham has been a leader in refining golf swings throughout California and up and down the west coast. His lessons involve more of an in-depth approach to finding the right swing tip for your swing.

Instead of watching you swing a couple of times then giving you certain swing tips to fix your problem, Dale uses the Trackman 4 to diagnose your swing and then applies the appropriate swing tip to fix your problems. So many times, teachers give you a swing tip that will help your swing, but not the right swing tip to fix your outstanding problem. Dale relies on technology and stats to figure out where your swing is going wrong.



The first thing that our Co-Host Colton Little did was hit around 20-30 shots using a variety of clubs on the range using the Trackman 4 to collect the data. The data on the Trackman will be used to diagnose the golf swing in specific areas. While still hitting shots, Dale also took video of his golf swing to show exactly what the numbers on the Trackman are saying.

Dale Abraham then sat down with Colton Little to show him exactly what he was doing wrong in a specific part of his swing. In his case, he was getting too steep in his backswing causing him to be too much inside the ball through his downswing causing and hook or a slice. Colton was relying on timing rather than allowing his natural swing to take place. Abraham then gave him a very specific swing tip to fix the steepness of his swing.


Check out the full swing tip in the video above! Learn Dale Abrahams unique way of teaching and why it is helping golfers up and down the west coast!

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