Ryan Faust and Fausty Golf

Ryan Faust is not your typical golf professional or fitness instructor. Faust is a combination of both! When Ryan entered his mid-30’s he realized he was losing clubhead speed. Most of that was due to not being in shape and no consistency with practice. He had always been a great golfer as he has won multiple tournaments and even qualified for a USGA event.

But something had to change if he was going to keep up with the young guns of today. He got really into fitness and started to see his numbers rise again…that’s when he got hooked. He was training with a goal and now he helping other golfers achieve their potential by teaching SPEED (not the swing). Although the swing is a big part of speed, speed comes from the ground up and thats how Fausty Golf was born.

Understanding the Golf Body

According to Ryan, the key to hitting the ball further is understanding the golf body and putting together a plan to help golfers get better. This plan includes resistance bands, strength training, and mobility work.

The first session at Fausty Golf is a TBI mobility screening, which gives Ryan and his clients a good foundation for understanding their weaknesses and strengths related to the golf swing.

Increasing Swing Speed

Ryan believes that increasing swing speed is not just about swinging the hands faster, but rather engaging the ground more, using the bigger muscles, and sequencing the swing correctly.

To demonstrate this, Ryan had Colton hit a few balls and the results were impressive. He barely felt like he was swinging, yet the ball was going further than before. This was due to the activity done in the gym, which allowed movement through the ball and letting everything flow to the target.

Benefits of Increased Swing Speed

According to Ryan, there are several benefits to increasing swing speed. These include hitting the ball further, having more birdie putts, and having more fun. Additionally, having a longer drive in your back pocket can be a great asset during scrambles.



Ryan Faust is combining golf and fitness to help golfers hit the ball further and have more fun. His approach includes resistance bands, strength training, and mobility work, which can help golfers increase their swing speed and get more birdie putts. If you’re interested in learning more about Ryan’s approach, you can visit his website or find him on Instagram.


Fausty Golf is a Golf Fitness and Speed Training facility in the heart of Carlsbad, CA! A place to go to work on your speed, learn where speed comes from and create consistency with something that is usually not that consistent. Faust is a NASM CPT certified personal trainer, a Level 2 in Power and Fitness through TPI, the first MACH 3 Speed Training Instructor and a Golf Fitness X certified coach in Southern California. His studio consists of small weight room but uses a GC Quad and Swing Catalyst 3D Force Plate.

“The Fausty Golf training method helped me discover the proper sequencing of my legs/core to unleash an incredibly powerful yet efficient move through the golf ball! I have increased my swing speed by nearly 10 mph and hit the ball 25-30 yards longer. Who adds speed and distance at 53 years old? Only Fausty students!” – Dr. Ravalin

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