Alissa and her Eileen Kelly had the opportunity to work with Dr. David Wright, a golf expert. The importance of a good golf setup was a major focus in this lesson as well as generating more power.


Dr. Wright taught Alissa and Eileen about the importance of a good setup for golfers of all skill levels. He also taught them about the width of their stance and how to hold the club correctly.


Dr. Wright also taught Alissa and Eileen how to generate more power in their golf swing. He showed them how to use finger sleeves to change the position of their body and how to move the club into their knuckle to apply more force on the downswing.



Alissa and Eileen had a great experience working with Dr. David Wright. They learned about core regions, the importance of a good setup, and how to generate more power in their golf swing.


Dr. David Wright is the brains behind and it’s a revolutionary way to teach the golf swing through balance and pressure points. He takes Alissa and Eileen through a series of exercises to see if their swing is performing at peak efficiency. Do you know if your stance is correct (based on your body type) to get the most out of your golf swing. Dr. Wright is the leader in taking your body type and optimizing your golf swing to allow your body to be the best it can possibly be.

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