Solid contact is one of the most desired feelings for any golfer, yet for most amateurs it happens few and far between. Devan Bonebrake, from the Southern Cal Golf Academy, has an excellent iron drill to ensure solid contact, maximum compression, and consistent distance.

The Drill

The key to this drill is to understand that the setup and the impact are not the same. The longer you can maintain the impact alignments through the ball, the more consistent your strikes will be.

Devan Bonebrake says that when you set up to the golf ball, you should have a fully rotated body near close to the forward knee. The big keys here are a right wrist bent back, a left arm straight, and a left wrist flat. The number one issue that Bonebrake sees when people try to hit their iron shots is called left wrist breakdown. This moves the point of contact with the ground behind the golf ball, raising the launch angle and costing you some distance and adding too much spin.

To practice this drill, set up, make a little half swing more like a three-quarter type shot, swing back, come through and then hold a follow through. The goal is to assess where you are coming through. If your arm is bent like a chicken wing, you can reassess and utilize this drill.



Devan Bonebrake promises that this drill will lead to solid contact, more distance, and better compression. To learn more about Devan Bonebrake and the Southern Cal Golf Academy, visit Southern Cal Golf Academy dot com.


  • “Best Young Teacher in America” (Top teachers under 40)
  • Worked with Chuck Cook, Hank Haney, Mike Bender and Jim McLean
  • PGA TOUR PLAYERS: Greg Norman, Keegan Bradley and Lexi Thompson
  • Played college golf at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA
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