In this video, Craig Stadler demonstrates how to execute a flop shot in golf. The flop shot is a useful technique when faced with a close-cut pin and a big obstacle, such as a mountain, in front of the green. Stadler provides valuable tips on how to approach this challenging shot and achieve a successful outcome.

To execute a flop shot, Stadler advises adjusting the stance and club face. He suggests playing the ball off the right big toe, with a wider stance than usual. By positioning the club face slightly open, the ball will have a higher trajectory. Stadler emphasizes that the most crucial aspect of the shot is to finish with a high follow-through.

Stadler compares the flop shot to a bunker shot near the green. Just like in a bunker shot, it’s important to hit behind the ball to get it in the air. Stadler explains that hitting the ball first will not achieve the desired result. Instead, a high follow-through allows the sand to lift the ball into the air. The same principle applies to the flop shot – getting the ball up in the air is crucial to clearing the obstacle and landing softly on the green.

Stadler highlights a common mistake that golfers make when attempting a flop shot. If they don’t have a high follow-through, they tend to hit the ball too low, causing it to bounce off the grass and either hit the obstacle or result in an unsightly shot. To avoid this, Stadler advises positioning the ball on the left foot, with the hands slightly behind it and the club face slightly open. This setup, combined with a high follow-through, ensures that the ball gets up in the air and clears the obstacle successfully.


Craig Stadler’s demonstration of the flop shot provides valuable insights into how to approach this challenging shot in golf. By adjusting the stance, club face, and focusing on a high follow-through, golfers can successfully execute a flop shot and overcome obstacles on the course. With practice, this shot can become a valuable tool in a golfer’s arsenal.

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