We’ve all done it! Showed up late for a tee time and went right to playing golf. In a situation like this, it takes us all about 5-6 holes to get our feet underneath us and our bodies feeling right. Next time you are running late to a tee time (and can’t hit the range) do these four stretches at your golf cart to get your body in the right place to be successful on the first tee.

Carolina Romero is a proven and experience fitness expert (specifically in the game of golf) and she is back with Alissa Kacar at Melrese Country Club to show us four stretches that you can do with your cart. The stretches are simple, yet effective, but they could be a round saver and really help you in the long run.


Making sure you stretch before your round will reduce injuries and help keep you in good shape. Carolina Romero shows some great fitness to do on and off the course.



Carolina Romero (also known as the Fitgolfergirl on social media) is a fitness lover and a former NCAA D1 golfer from Bogota, Columbia. If you are serious about your golf game, one of best things you can do is train for it. Golf fitness can help takes strokes off of your game, add yards off the tee and make you (and your body) feel amazing before and after your round. As a TPI Golf Fitness Specialist and personal trainer, along with her playing career, will help take your game and health to the next level.

Romero has several different programs, including in-person training, that you can do at your home of gym to help your golf game.

IN-HOME GOLF FITNESS PLANS – If you prefer to do exercises in the comfort of your own home, these programs are perfect for you at all different skill levels.

GYM GOLF FITNESS PLANS – If you are a social butterfly and want to work out in a gym, she can put together a plan that you can do on your own while getting a workout in.

TRX FITNESS PLANS – Everyone knows what the TRX suspension training system is. If you want a plan customized around the TRX system, she can do that for you as well!



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