Gain More Golf Swing Understanding in this Golf Life Video Feature.

In this short video you will learn about the five keys to a solid golf swing and how they all relate to each other. The lesson is summarized by top golf teacher Chuck Evans. If you want to understand a steady head, weight shift, impact position, face angle and club path, you should take a minute to listen to what this Top 100 Golf Teacher has to say. If your want more, visit our lesson library where we are sharing hundreds of top golf lesson videos so that you can improve and learn faster.

We found that there’s only five things that they all have in common and they’re not the things that people typically think of when they’re thinking about a golf swing.

Five Keys to Golf Swing

The first one was a steady head. You see players keeping working on trying to keep their head steady you never see players working on trying to move their head.

The second one was the weight left or target side at impact. Again you never see great players working on trying to hang
back, you see them trying to work on trying to get more weight forward.

The third key what’s called a flat left wrist and not a bent left wrist. If you want to use the club properly the wrist has to be flat from impact through the separation point when the ball leaves.

The fourth key is what we call a diagonal sweet-spot path. That’s the path that the sweet spot of the club travels on.

And finally the fifth key is clubface control and that clubface control has to be relative to that path. Because that’s what produces the initial starting line and the trajectories and the curvatures of your golf ball.

So all these keys… each key ties into another. Weight forward influences a flat left wrist. Weight forward with flat left wrist, influence clubface control.
Weight forward influences sweet spot path. A steady head influences all of them.


It’s a system that, whichever problem you’re having within those five… that’s the one you work on.

So if you have a steady head, you have weight left and you’d have a flat left wrist, but your plain is a little bit steep or your or your path or your clubface is off, you don’t work on those other three you work on the two pieces that they need to be effective. Along with the five keys, we’ve also developed five tools or training aids if you want to call them, to work with each one of these keys. So if you’re having trouble with a particular key, we have a training aid associated with it, to help accelerate that learning process and get you a better feel for it.

I think the biggest thing people are going to get out of the five simple keys is that they’re going to get an easy-to-understand systematic approach to work on their on their game, that doesn’t require a lot of work, but only keys in on those five key areas that we talked about. So the Medicus Pure Strike 5 simple keys to consistency, is basically a system that can be used with any teaching methodology there is out there, and it can be used by any player.

If you want to see a wealth of golf lessons from other top teachers on the Golf Swing simply click through to our Golf Lessons link here and see a ton of additional videos or visit our Top Golf Teachers page.  If you want to Pure Strike Book it’s a great read and we highly recommend it.


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