Udi Jimenez: Pitch Shot Setup


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Uriel (Udi) Jimenez is currently the Head Golf Professional at Maderas Golf Club just outside of San Diego, CA. With 9 years of effectively managing golf course staff, he has also built up his business as a golf instructor. When it comes to golf swing, Jimenez believes there is not one right way to teach the golf swing and it all depends on what the student can do mentally and physically.

Many times, the greenside pitch shots are what cause a golfer to post a bad score on a hole. It is one of the hardest shots, but they can really lower those scores if you consistently do them correct. He shows us a great tip that you can implement into your game so the blade shot and chunk shot stop. For the Sunday golfers, the common mistake is setup on the greenside chips.

Check out this lesson from Jimenez and start lowering those scores today!