Phat Scooters: Safety & Liability

When you talk to golf course executives and owners about vehicles on the golf courses there is always two things on their mind; 1). Does it tear up the golf course? 2.) Are they safe? We have had a chance to ride the Scooters anywhere and everywhere throughout the years and one thing we can truly say is that they are some of the safest vehicles on and off the golf course. Yes they only have two wheels and they look fairly scary to the average person, but there are many golf course executives that say more people are getting hurt on golf carts rather than the scooters. We chat with a couple of course pros and GM’s to find out what they think about safety and liability when it comes to the scooters on their course!


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  • Regenerative braking system with auto-engage downhill braking for safety and efficiency.
  • Improved front and rear suspension provide a smooth, controlled ride for every rider.
  • Increased handlebar strength for better durability.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Premium seats for comfortable, sporty rides and customization opportunities.
  • New LED headlight with high and low beams; fork mounted for excellent road visibility.
  • Fender mounted tail light with brake and turning indicators to keep you safe and legal on the road.
  • New anti-theft system engages motor braking if scooter is tampered with while active. Includes a remote, and push-to-start!
  • All presales will include our AMP’d package with Rockford Fosgate Audio,  RGB LED under lighting, and a customized seat!
  • Our essential accessories – phone holder, cup holder, rear-view mirrors, and TireJect run flat sealant, now included with every scooter!