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PGA HOPE stands for Helping. Our. Patriots. Everywhere and is the PGA’s premiere military program, part of PGA Reach (PGA of America). The PGA HOPE programs provides an opportunity for military vets to enhance their physical, mental and social well-being through golf. This is a nationwide program and is hosted by different clubs and course across the country. Each program has a 6-8 week curriculum, taught by PGA Professionals, staff and volunteers, and is completely free; funded by the PGA Reach and PGA Section Foundations. HOPE gives men and women a safe place to get away from the day to day stresses and enjoy the golf course and the outdoors. Through a robust strategy, PGA HOPE aspires to create a healthier and happier, both physically and mentally, veteran. These men and women have sacrificed a lot being in the service, so the HOPE Program is giving them the game of golf to lean on.