MIKE MALASKA: Understanding the Game

When it comes to playing golf, what is the game within the game? Mike Malaska has taught so many students and golfers that the game is not the swing, or putting or even your short game. The game is purely a clubface and a ball. The object is to put the clubface on the ball, on a path, to make the ball do what you want it to do. Here, Malaska goes in depth on what actually controls the clubface and if you can understand this aspect of your swing, you will be able to understand the game.

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Mike bases his golf instruction in swing mechanics and physical fitness to provide students with every advantage on the course. His in-depth understanding of the physical aspects of the body and the golf swing has led to an unsurpassed level of success where athletes improve swing mechanics and sequencing of the body by stretching, strengthening and conditioning programs backed by cutting-edge analytics and technologies.

  • 2017 Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers in America (20 Years Running)
  • 2017-2018 Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers in America (#19)
  • TaylorMade National Advisory Board Member 2015 – Current
  • 2016 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional