Learn More About Your Divots


When you are having bad day at the office (the golf course) how many times do you blame the clubs, the elements or the crazy bad luck you are having that day? The answer to all of your problem could be right at your feet where you left your divot. How much do you really know about the divot and how can you use the divot to help you fix the issues you are having that day. For many, you hit the golf ball, look at where the ball went, go grab your piece of sawed, put the grass back where you found it and carry on with your terrible round.

Before you go about your business in trying to find the ball you just hit in the woods, take a minute and look down and see what your divot is telling you because it can tell you a lot. This goes for the range warriors as well. Your divot can help you make the adjustments needed to get back on track. Duane Anderson who is a master fitter/instructor for TaylorMade dives into what your divot says about your golf swing. If you want to learn more about how you can become a better golfer and understand the game, check this advice out from a guy who has seen and experienced a lot of divots in his time.


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