Hole Hecklers

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Created by Denver comedian — and avid golfer — Jon Marc Chambers, Hole Hecklers was conceived to help you get the MOST out of your golf tournament. With Hole Hecklers you get two professional comedians to set up at a hole and roast your golfers as they tee off. Think of us as a the funniest hazard on the course! AND one that will raise even more money for your fundraiser. Your sponsored hole will be the most talked about of your tourney! Whether participants choose to pay for silence as they tee off ($hut the Buck Up) or they pony up extra for the disruption of their partner — or rival — (Dough of Di$traction) – a good time will be had by all.



What is Hole Heckling?

  • 2 Professional Stand-up Comics, the Heckler’s, position themselves at the Tee Box of a par 3.
    • They Heckle the golfers from the minute they arrive at the hole:
      • Telling jokes
      • Playing games
      • Creating a party atmosphere

At the same time they are heckling, they are raising money for your tournament’s charity with their signature games:

  • “$hut the Buck Up”
  • “Dough for Distraction”
  • Add some pizzazz to your Awards Banquet, have the Heckler’s MC.